Your Walworth yard deserves landscape lighting to make it all you want it to be

You look out into your Walworth backyard late at night. Maybe you see an occasional firefly. You hear a cricket or two. Off in the distance, one of your Walworth neighbor’s dog is barking. Somewhere in the dark is your patio. Once, you ran an extension cord out back and hung up some Christmas lights. That was sort of nice but, the next time you cut the grass, you had to pull in the extension cord.

Outdoor Lighting_houseWouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was flip a switch to bring light to your backyard? You might see a deer or fox running out towards the wood line. But, what you’ll definitely see is your patio.

A backyard and/or patio that doesn’t have landscape lighting is like a room in the house that automatically locks shut when the sun goes down. Landscape lighting sets the tone – creates the intended atmosphere, assuming it’s done right.

To do landscape lighting correctly, you’ll want to call in a landscape design engineer. In particular, you’ll want someone who knows how landscape lighting works. They’ll know what wattage to use and where to place lights.

Landscape lighting can illuminate walkways improving safety by reducing the risk of falls. It’s also a deterrent for burglars who prefer to do their work in the dark.

Properly done, landscape lighting can create a world at night where a sense of security enhances a sense of sanctuary. Are guests coming over for a barbeque and late-night party? When you flip the lights on, the “Oohs” and “Aahs” will make you think they’re watching fireworks. And that’s because they’ll be as impressed as if there were fireworks.

Of course, there’s always the question of what styles of lights you’ll use. With landscape lighting, the options are almost limitless. From Malibu lights to recessed and well lights. You can install path and area lights or spot and flood lights Hardscape lights will fit in nicely with your brick pavers patio. And LED lighting is more than accessible for landscape lighting.

Improperly done, landscape lighting can overwhelm an area or yard. Or, landscape lighting can fall short of providing the intended illumination. Properly done, landscape lighting will feel right; it will feel as though it fits your Walworth home.