Landscape Design & Construction


What does landscape construction do for your home or business? Try to imagine your property without landscaping — a field of dirt and weeds. Landscaping makes a home or business what it is. It speaks to who lives or works here, not to mention the value it adds in terms of curb appeal. And the better the landscaping, the more satisfaction you'll derive from your home or business. Remember your landscape is the only investment that “Grows” over time.

Landscape construction can create your personal oasis, whether it’s a fully equipped patio, pool deck, yard or garden, where you can relax and take pride when entertaining with family and friends. Cal & Shan's is the choice for all your residential or commercial landscape construction projects and has the expertise in horticulture while working with high quality landscape materials ensures that your dreams turn into reality.

Landscape design will ensure that you're not throwing your landscaping budget out into the yard and hoping it sticks. Your property holds almost limitless potential. To maximize that potential requires planning and consideration. What is the layout of the property and what are the elevations? Do you have or plan to add a patio, fire pit/place, kitchen, pool, garden or other amenities? How will the pieces fit in a presentation of unified beauty, function and elegance? How will things look in ten years? These are all questions to ask your landscape designer.

Cal & Shan's, your outdoor solutions specialists, are award winning landscape designers who have designed residential and commercial landscapes for a wide range of clients. We're adept at transforming outdoor areas into aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor living spaces. But, of course, for a plan to work, we must know what you are hoping to achieve with your yard. That's why we start with an interview and continue to work closely with our clients to accomplish their landscaping dreams.