Walworth County has a snow removal alternative no matter how much snow falls this winter

snow plow 2Last winter, there were at least 25 days when residents of Walworth County had reason to grab their shovels and clear snow from their drives and walkways. Nearly 60 inches of snow fell in the Southern Wisconsin region last winter. Some snows were more than others but, one way or another, Mother Nature periodically gave residents some work to do.

Some residents and business owners of Walworth County never took their snow shovels out of the shed. Some might even have thrown their snow shovels away for all the needed them.

No, it wasn’t that they migrated South for the season. Rather, it was a case of making other arrangements. Rather than rely on their own backs, they saved their backs for other things and hired Cal & Shan’s to come out and clear the snow when it fell.

You may have seen these neighbors as you shoveled your walkways or drive. There you were, all bundled up and working hard. There they were, standing by the window with a steaming mug of coffee or cocoa in their hands.

It seemed they were watching you as though all the more appreciative of their decision to let someone else take responsibility for clearing the snow from their walkways and driveway. When they saw you looking, they smiled, nodded and raised their mugs as though in a toast to your fine efforts.

It was the same every time the skies let loose with another round of snowfall. You looked out the window with dread, keenly aware that ‘work’ was building up outside. But, your neighbors who had hired Cal & Shan’s, went about their business as though nothing had happened. It almost seemed they enjoyed the winter and the snow more knowing that shoveling was not, for them, part of the equation.

Their walkways and drives, or their parking lots and loading docks, were cleared and salted before you even started to shovel. They hop in their cars and drive off as casually as though it’s the middle of summer. And, for businesses that use Cal & Shan’s, customers roll right in just as easily.

Maybe you won’t have to shovel as often this winter. Maybe 60 inches of snow won’t fall again this year. Then again, maybe it will. In fact, considering the snow we’ve already had, it’s quite conceivable we could have more snow and more often this year.

This possibility makes hiring Cal & Shan’s to remove your snow a form of insurance. You might call it snow removal insurance. Or, maybe you’d call it serenity insurance knowing you’ll serenely watch the snow fall while sipping a cup of coffee or cocoa, confident that your snow removal is well in hand.