There is still time to add a brick paver patio to your Lake Geneva home

Another summer has slipped away and we’re well into another Lake Geneva autumn. Hopefully, you made the most of the warmer weather. If so, that probably includes the time you spent in your own backyard – barbeques, maybe a party or two, relaxing as the sun set on the other side of Lake Geneva.

How did you spend the time in your backyard? Did you pull the grill out of the shed, throw a few lawn chairs out and make an impromptu patio out of your lawn? Maybe you have a wooden patio but the years and the weather have taken their toll. Now the wood is bleached and rotting here and there. You might even have a broken plank to watch out for.

Paver Driveway 1If either of these scenarios describe the summer you spent in your Lake Geneva backyard, maybe it’s time for a new brick paver patio. With brick pavers, you’re not worried about rotting planks. Your lawn chair won’t sink into the ground and tip you over. Done right, there’s no need to dig the barbeque out of the shed, either.

You can start planning that new brick paver patio now. There’s even time to have it installed. Install your brick paver patio now and you’ll find it waiting for you in the spring. You might even have some warmer nights to use it this year yet. That’s especially true if you add a fireplace or firepit to your new patio.

Actually, the options are almost limitless with brick pavers. You can’t build a fire pit or fireplace out of wood – tends to become part of the fire. But, brick pavers are made to order for fire pits and fireplaces.

As far as barbequing, with brick pavers, you can build a grill into the patio. You can even build an entire cooking area into your brick paver patio.

Other options include water features, seating areas, retaining walls and multi-level surfaces. With the myriad of brick paver types and designs, the look of your new brick paver patio is equally open to versatility.

Are you a Packers fan? With brick pavers, you can even add a Packers logo to your patio. Or you might simply want a unique design.

To make the most of your brick paver patio, you’ll want to call in a professional; someone who knows brick paver patios inside and out. What you’ll want is a landscape design expert.

A landscape designer will ensure that your new brick paver patio ‘fits’ your backyard, meaning that it looks like it belongs there. It will fit with the yard, trees, your home and other structures. It will provide you for years and years as your room outdoors for dining and parties. It’s an investment in your home and in the quality of your life, as well as your family’s.