Shoveling snow is an avoidable risk and inconvenience

It’s not just about the inconvenience. Shoveling snow is actually a hazardous activity. According to the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital research institute, there are approximately 100 deaths each year from shoveling snow – generally from cardiac arrest. Another 11,500 wind up in emergency rooms for injuries they suffered while shoveling snow.

cars in snowThe statistics are only part of the story. How many people go out to shovel the snow and hurt their backs in the process but never visit an emergency room? Instead, they grin and bear it. Others slip and fall while shoveling. Maybe they don’t break a bone but twist an ankle, bruise a knee or, once again, sprain their backs.

Some miss time from work. Many lose sleep enduring the pain. But, the next time it snows, they bundle up and grab the snow shovel.

A snow removal company alleviates people of the risks associated with shoveling snow. A quality snow removal company will meet your snow removal needs, whether at your home or at your business or office.

Last winter, in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, nearly 60 inches of snow fell. Of approximately 90 days of winter, nearly one in three included measurable snow fall. If you put all those days, one behind the other, this means residents and business owners in the area spent close to a month shoveling snow. They put themselves at risk for a month’s worth of days spread throughout the season.

With a qualified snow removal company, such as Cal & Shan’s, not only are they relieved of the risk and the burden, they’re also relieved of much of the liability that can result when some falls because their walkways or driveways weren’t shoveled and properly salted.

A snow removal company makes snow shoveling an avoidable risk. It also makes snow shoveling an avoidable inconvenience.

If someone is hurt shoveling snow, they can miss time from work. They’re physical activities are limited and they have to deal with the costs associated with health care services and the loss of wages.

On the other hand, someone who uses a snow removal service misses out on the back-breaking work of shoveling, of the biting cold wind snapping at their face or the drippy nose often associated with working hard in the winter elements.

When everything is considered, it’s hard to imagine why some people insist on shoveling the snow from their own walkways and driveways.