Not just anyone can operate snow removal equipment

Not just anyone can operate snow removal equipment: Is your snow removal company qualified?

Driving a snow plow may look easy as though anyone who can drive can operate snow removal equipment. If you share that perspective, you may be surprised to find that the opposite is true. In reality, it takes a skilled snow removal driver to do the job right.


No one is immune in Northern Illinois when the snow starts to fall and not just anyone can operate snow removal equipment.

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a snow removal company, you know how true this is. Maybe they damaged your property in the processing of plowing your parking lot and/or driveway. Maybe they didn’t show up until hours after you’d opened your store. By that time, the lot was full of cars that had driven through the snow.

Quality snow removal drivers know how to plow without damaging your property. They won’t scrape the plow across the lawn or knock curb stops up into the yard. Quality snow removal drivers won’t take forever plowing a parking lot while other lots stand covered in snow and waiting.

The only way to ensure that you won’t have any of these problems with your snow removal company is to make sure you hire a reputable snow removal contractor. Ask yourself the following questions. Then, ask someone else:

How long has the company been in the snow removal business?
How much experience do their drivers have?
Are they insured?
Do they have quality snow removal equipment?
What is their reputation for snow removal services?

If your snow removal company has a clean bill of health on these questions, you’re probably in good shape. For instance, at Cal & Shan’s in Northern Illinois, they have state-of-the-art snow removal equipment and drivers with at least 10 years of experience behind the wheel clearing snow. They’re insured and they have a reputation for on-time, quality snow removal.