Consider snow removal contracts when it's hot?

Just the other day, the thermometer outside topped 90 degrees – better start thinking about who will snow plow your drive here in Northern Illinois. No, that’s not a silly idea. Actually, many of the best residential and commercial snow removal companies have their slate of snow removal contracts full long before the first snowflake flies.


You can probably find someone with a snow plow to do the job, even if you make that call to ask about snow removal contracts in late December or early January. By that time, here in Northern Illinois, you could be up to your knees and deeper in snow outside.

The question you want to ask, when you find a residential or commercial snow removal company that late in the season, is “Why are they available?” It could be that a customer moved away unexpectedly and they happen to have an opening. But, that’s rare.

Rather, the problem may be that the snow plow company you’ve approached isn’t as reputable as the rest. Or, maybe they’re biting off more than they can chew.

A quality snow plow company, whether they specialize in residential or commercial snow removal, is very conscious of their ability to provide quality service to all of their clients. Would you want to setup a meeting with someone in business who makes other appointments at the same time?

Really good snow plow companies are ready to grow with demand. Here at Cal & Shan’s, we’re prepared to meet your needs. However, if we wait too late in the season, it may take time to obtain a new vehicle and a quality snow plow driver. When the snow flies, you don’t have time to wait.

Our promise to our snow removal contact clients is that we’ll be there when they need us. In winters when there is a lot of snow, this can make for some busy days and nights. We understand, however, how important it is that we get out there and do our job. People are counting on us.

To ensure quality, we stay on top of weather conditions so that we’re not caught off guard. We use the best quality equipment and provide the best quality snow plow drivers. Our drivers know how to clear your drives and lots without damaging curb stops or other features. We also know the difference between applying too much salt and not enough salt.

Cal & Shan’s snow removal contracts are available in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for residential and commercial snow removal. Commercial snow removal includes any type of business and property. For more information, call Cal & Shan’s at: 815-509-1026.