Landscape lighting in Woodstock – inspired by the Square

Square_1Woodstock Square during the holidays is one of the most wonderful sights in the Midwest. All lighted up with strings of white lights, from those trimming the tops of buildings to those strung among the trees, the Square sparkles as though posed for a postcard. The Square is so inspiring that the city holds a ceremony each year, the day after Thanksgiving, for the Lighting of the Square. Throngs of people attend.

What the lights on Woodstock Square demonstrate is how lighting can set the mood. In the Square, the mood is festive. With landscape lighting, the yard at your Woodstock home can set a mood of tranquility.

With landscape lighting, your yard emerges from the shadows with a pronouncement of purpose. Landscape lighting says you’ve given this thought. The arrangement of the lights is no haphazard or accidental.

Square_2Of course, getting the most out of your landscape lighting requires experience. Someone who intimately knows how to design landscape lighting will cast light in all the right places. That someone, of course, is a landscape designer.

A landscape designer knows where to place lights when designing landscape lighting. They also know how much light works where to achieve just the right ambiance. Of course, landscape lighting isn’t just about setting mood. It has other purposes.

One other purpose is safety. Landscape lighting helps to avoid falls. The landscape designer is keenly aware of traffic patterns and will arrange the landscape lighting to appropriately light each pathway.

Another purpose of landscape lighting is security. Thieves, and others of ill intent, are generally braver in the shadows. They know it’s best to do their nefarious deeds without the prying eyes of others – for instance, those who might call the police.

Landscape lighting, properly placed on your Woodstock yard, can discourage everyone from the random hooligan to the professional thief. It can help to keep them at a safe distance.

Still, most people appreciate landscape lighting for the beauty it can create in the night time. That’s easy to understand when you see how the Woodstock Square inspires people around here.