Landscape drainage engineering will keep your Walworth County basement dry

When spring arrives here in Walworth County, the snow will melt soaking the ground. Of course, autumn has just begun. To talk about spring now is to get a bit ahead of ourselves? Or is it?

If there is a lot of snow this winter and/or the melting snow is accompanied by heavy rain, the water may seek ‘unusual’ places to go, such as in your Walworth County basement. Even if it doesn’t make its way into your basement, you could find yourself with a mud pit out back rather than a lawn and garden.

drainageOnce again – why talk about this now? Because now is the time to do something about drainage on your property. During the winter, the ground is often frozen and changes are impractical. In the spring, it’s too late. The time to address any landscape drainage concerns on your Walworth County property is now.

To achieve effective changes in your landscape drainage you’ll need to lean on the expertise of someone who knows the ins and outs of landscape drainage. You’ll want to speak with a landscape design expert who knows which way the water flows and why.

A landscape design expert will know how to make the most of your property’s existing topography. They’ll know how to divert the water away from your house, how to provide drainage for your yard.

A qualified landscape design expert will employ time-tested tricks, such as running gutter downspouts under the ground and away from the house. They’ll look at your yard and know how the water flows and how much water will collect when it gets there. They’ll fix your problem without creating a problem for your neighbors.

Where too much water can turn your yard into a quagmire, what it can do to your basement is unspeakable. With an unfinished basement, you can damage the home’s foundation. And those water marks on the concrete walls are tell-tale signs to prospective buyers when you go to sell your home.

If your basement is finished, the dollar figure that corresponds with a flooded basement is significantly higher.

On the flip side, when you’ve had the landscape drainage on your property engineered to keep your basement high and dry, you’re furniture, flooring and electronics are safe. When you go to sell your house, it’s quite a selling point when you can tell prospective buyers that the property was engineered by a landscape expert to ensure the basement stays dry.