Landscape drainage design can protect your Marengo basement and yard from heavy rains

The rainfalls in Marengo this year are not comparable to a monsoon in Bangladesh but they are still significant. More than that, they have the potential to drain your bank account dealing with their soggy repercussions. After all, where’s all that water going to go?

Managing rainwater flow is a specialty of Cal & Shan's

Managing rainwater flow is a specialty of Cal & Shan’s

The rain water may collect in pools in your Marengo yard. It may drown precious flowers. It might even find its way into your basement. Unless you take steps to address the situation, you’re at the mercy of whatever drainage randomly exists in your yard.

A qualified landscape design specialist can tell you where the water will go. A landscape design specialist can even tell you how to influence where the water goes.

When water collects outside it can turn portions of your lawn into soggy mud pits. Yes, the flowers and vegetables appreciate a little rain. But, there is a limit. A lot of rain can spoil a good thing. Once vibrant and budding plants can turn brown or collect fungus.

Remember how proud you were when you remodeled the basement of your Marengo home? You put your time, effort and money into the project. It’s a nice, cool place to gather with friends or simply relax with the family. It’s part of your personal space and, when it fills with water that drained from the backyard, you feel as though your space has been violated.

While rainwater collecting in the basement strikes a blow against your piece of mind, it can also take a big chunk out of your bank account. Maybe you have insurance. But, after the first basement flood, your rates will climb. And, if you don’t do something to rectify the situation, it won’t take long before the insurance company decides your basement is a bad risk.

Poor landscape drainage can contribute significantly to the problem. Likewise, good landscape drainage can go a long way to alleviating the issue.

As it happens, landscape drainage solutions may not even start on the ground; they may start on your roof. As it rains, all the water that falls on your roof rolls down and collects in your gutters. They carry the water to downspouts which conduct the water to the ground. That means that a substantial amount of rainfall is reaching the ground in one particular location.

One solution is to move the water away from the house. This is best done, without creating other landscape drainage problems, by burying the downspout and extending it to an area away from your home’s foundation.

A landscape design specialist can also help to create landscape drainage in your Marengo yard that protects other features, such as your lawn and garden. Your landscape design specialist will help to eliminate those pools of standing water that turn grassy areas to mud.