Landscape designer can maximize Huntley home’s curb appeal

The potential for landscape improvements to increase a Huntley home's curb appeal is immense. This is only one example of that potential.

The potential for landscape improvements to increase a Huntley home’s curb appeal is immense. This is only one example of that potential.

Thinking of selling your Huntley home? Or do you see your home as an extension of yourself and insist that your property is kept in pristine condition? Either way, landscape improvements can make a world of difference; they can have your property looking its best or maximize that key ingredient when selling – curb appeal.

Just keeping the grass cut and the bushes trimmed is a good start. But, the potential of landscape improvements go far beyond that. With a little consideration and effort, you can transform your property into a outdoor paradise by tailoring the landscape until it adds a unique luster to your Huntley home.

Of course, if you really want your home to shine, your curb appeal to have the desired effect on prospective buyers, you should hire a professional landscape designer. For landscape designers, increasing curb appeal is an essential part of what they do every day.

Looking at your Huntley property, a landscape designer doesn’t just see what there is; the landscape designer also sees what can be. They’ll know where you can use brick pavers, such as with a brick paver patio, walkway, driveway, porch, garden edgings and other lawn fixtures. A landscape designer knows that brick pavers can have a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of your home, which is a benefit whether you’re selling or not.

A landscape designer will also know where to plant a tree or bush, and what kind of tree or bush to plant. They’ll know how landscape lighting will bring that day-time curb appeal to life after dark.

Most importantly, a landscape designer knows what fits and where; they know what aspects of landscape design complement each other, what colors work together and what styles are most appropriate for a given setting. Anyone can throw some brick pavers out on their lawn and call it a patio. But a landscape designer realizes that brick pavers come in an almost limitless number of shapes, sizes and colors. Incorporating brick pavers into a landscape design that works takes knowledge and experience.

Curb appeal is the impression your home makes a glance. By applying some expert landscape design skills, you can boost your Huntley home’s curb appeal to its fullest potential. And if you’re not selling, the improvements to curb appeal mean greater aesthetic and utilitarian value.