Landscape design is the key to your new Elkhorn patio

patio2So you’ve decided to do something about that little-used patch of grass out back of your Elkhorn home; you’ve decided it’s time to build your dream patio – a place where you, the family and friends can gather to relax and entertain. Before you jump into the project, make sure you’ve got a good foundation though.

In this case, a foundation means a plan. This is the most crucial aspect of building the patio at your Elkhorn home. Before the first spade breaks the grass, planning is the key to achieving a patio that meets, or even exceeds, your expectations. Once the patio is finished, you’ll pretty much have to live with it. So, plan well.

To make the most of the plan for your patio, you want to bring in an expert in landscape design. You want someone who had designed patios before. You want someone who knows how to pull all the aspects of your landscape together in a way that complements and enhances the final product.

When considering a landscape designer for your patio project, take a look at projects they’ve done before. You might even ask for addresses of projects they’ve designed and knock on a door or two asking to see the culmination of their work.

Another question to ask is about their expertise. This starts with on-the-job training but also considers any formal training they’ve received. While the prior is essential, the latter rounds out and gives a landscape designer a broader ability.

A successful landscape designer will incorporate all aspects of your landscape into the design. In terms of your new patio, this means they’ll consider the topography of your property and how your patio will fit with the lay of the land. They’ll consider the style and placement of structures on your property, from your home to your garage to any other outbuildings.

What about shade, the placement of trees, bushes and other flora and fauna? A skilled landscape designer will take all of these factors into consideration. They may even suggest plantings in strategic locations.

What about the amenities that you can build into your patio, such as landscape lighting? Landscape lighting makes your patio a full-time addition to your home rather than just an area you use in the day-light hours. More than that, properly done, landscape lighting sets a tone and accentuates areas where people walk, sit and perform other activities. It also accentuates features of your patio for which you are the most proud.

Patio amenities can also include a fireplace, firepit and cooking areas. Some patios include cooking areas that rival the best kitchens. You may want water features incorporated into your patio. Your landscape design expert may develop a multi-leveled design.

Then there is the question of materials. Brick pavers are the optimal material when building a patio. They’re durable, aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Your landscape design expert can use brick pavers to create patterns in your patio surface. Using different types of brick pavers, with different shapes, colors and shades, the options are virtually limitless.

Making the most of these options, of course, starts with understanding the possibilities. A landscape designer with a limited knowledge of what’s possible may easily fall short of making the most of your patio design. A well-rounded landscape design expert will know how far they can go and how to get there so that the patio on your Elkhorn home is all you hoped it would be.