Landscape design can give your Lake Geneva home strong curb appeal

There are many beautiful homes in Lake Geneva – beautiful homes with beautifully manicured yards, landscapes that roll luxuriously from the road, around the house and back to the rear property line. There are estates in Lake Geneva deserving of placement on the front cover of magazines.

Whether your Lake Geneva home and landscape are majestic in nature or have a quainter country feel, it’s easy to find your property looking a bit tired compared to the neighbors. Sure, you cut the lawn regularly but, somehow, things seem a bit disheveled around your house while, at the neighbor’s, there’s a Zen-like rightness to everything.

patio3It’s discouraging to put so much effort into making your home and landscape look good only to find that they stand out from all the others on the block, and not in a good way. And, if you’re selling your home, that difference is more than discouraging; it’s a distinct disadvantage with potentially financial repercussions.

You can stand in the yard and look at the neighbors’ homes for hours trying to contemplate what makes them so … what’s the word? … spectacular, but it may not come to you unless you notice that they have help. By ‘help,’ we’re talking about bringing in a ringer – a pro. We’re talking about using a landscape design expert who knows how to maximize the use of your property.

A qualified landscape design expert will consider every factor, including your ultimate goal for the property. They’ll look at the topography of your Lake Geneva home, consider the placement, style and colors of structures on your property. Then, they’ll create a plan that turns a ‘nice’ yard into something truly special.

The pieces of that plan can include a myriad of options; including brick paved walkways, drives and patios, as well as, various species of flora and fauna – trees, bushes, flowers and more.

With each part of your landscape plan, they’ll consider other options, such as incorporating firepits, grills and other features into your brick pavers patio. They’ll nestle trees, bushes and flowers into the landscape so that each piece complements and enhances the others.

A qualified landscape design expert will have the neighbors gazing at your property with envy while ensuring that you have truly strong curb appeal.