Lake Geneva resident needs to call for a little snow removal magic

shovel snowOne day this winter, Jill will dress in layers, pull on her insulated boots, hat and gloves, grab the snow shovel and head out the door of her Lake Geneva home. Of course, the layers won’t be enough and a biting wind will snap at her nose. Then, she’ll start shoveling.

While shoveling, Jill will inevitably notice that Johnson’s across the street have already cleared away those 10 inches of snow from their driveway and walkways. Just then, Mr. Johnson will come out of the house and, on his way to the garage and his car, he’ll smile and wave to Jill. He might even make some generic comment about all the snow that fell the night before.

Jill will offer a feeble and jealous smile. She knows all-too well about the snow that fell the night before. She’ll have a couple hours to think about it as she leans into her snow shovel and digs out from the latest snow storm.

She’ll think to herself, “I sure hope we don’t have as much snow this winter as we did last winter.” Then, she’ll look up again at the Johnson’s in time to nod goodbye as Mr. Johnson backs out of the driveway and pulls away.

“How did he get his driveway and walkways shoveled so fast?” she wonder.

If Jill had looked out the window shortly before the sun came up, she would have seen a red truck, with a round Cal & Shan’s logo on the door, pull into the Johnson’s driveway. She would have watched as the driver lowered the snow plow and carefully, but quickly, removed the snow. She’d have watched as the driver jumped out and cleared the snow from the walkways. Then she would have watched him spread some salt on the cleared concrete and pavement.

Only minutes after arriving, the red truck would disappear down the road leaving the Johnson’s with time for breakfast, and a warm cup of coffee or cocoa, before they headed off into the business of their day.

For the Johnsons, the almost miraculous appearance of the red truck was the result of a degree of foresight. As with everyone in Lake Geneva, they knew the snow would come. They simply took a few minutes to make arrangements to deal with it.

The cost is minimal but the convenience is great. Maybe if Jill had seen the red truck with the Cal & Shan’s logo on the side, she would know to call 815-509-1026 for a little winter miracle of her own. But she was asleep when the Cal & Shan’s driver did his or her snow-removal magic.

Maybe Jill will walk across the street and ask the Johnsons how it is they have their snow removed so quickly. Then again, maybe Jill will just keep leaning into that shovel.