Key landscape lighting considerations bring Lake Geneva property to life at night

Landscape lighting brings your landscape to life at night and sets the mood.

Landscape lighting brings your landscape to life at night and sets the mood.

The landscaping at your home in Lake Geneva is beautiful, isn’t it? Mornings, with the sun glistening on the dew-touched grass, your property seems to have a glorious glow. You enjoy it – relaxing, barbequing, entertaining – any time of day. But, when the sun goes down, you head inside as your beautiful Lake Geneva landscaping fades into the darkness of another night.

Why should you give up at night what you enjoy so much during the day? Most importantly, with strategically applied landscape lighting, you don’t have to. When the sun goes down, your landscape lighting comes on.

Landscape lighting does more than bring light to the darkness of your Lake Geneva home; it creates an aura of mystery and repose. Landscape lighting, properly done, brings the twilight to life and sets the mood for evenings of relaxation or adventure.

Of course, the key is that the landscape lighting on your Lake Geneva property is designed to fit. To do landscape lighting right, you may want to call upon the services of a qualified landscape designer. In fact, with a qualified landscape designer, you really can’t go wrong.

A qualified landscape designer will consider the following when designing your landscape lighting. If you don’t use a landscape designer, you’ll want to consider these aspects of your landscape before going ahead with your landscape lighting, too:

  • Where to place landscape lighting and how to direct it so that it accents the features of your landscaping and fulfills functional requirements, such as lighting a path and creating lighted areas where you and your guests will gather.
  • What wattage of lights to use. Once again, this will consider the purpose of the particular landscape lighting. If it’s setting a mood, you’ll probably want a softer landscape lighting than if you’re lighting a path.
  • What types of fixtures to use? The options are almost limitless. Much depends on the style of your landscaping and the buildings on your property. Landscape lighting can include wall mounted light fixtures, pole mounted and even ground lighting.

While landscape lighting can do wonders for setting the mood on your Lake Geneva property, landscape lighting does more than that; it also discourages thieves and those who are up to no good.