Hiring a reputable snow removal company is a good choice in Elkhorn this winter

Snow Plow TruckLife is full of choices. For residents of Elkhorn, as in other Midwestern communities, the choices extend to snow removal. On the one hand, you might choose to hire a reputable snow removal company, such as Cal & Shan’s, to clear the snow from your walkways and driveway. Or, you might choose to remove the snow yourself.

If you make the latter choice, you still have to make another choice; will you remove the snow by hand with a snow shovel or will you spend the money for a snowblower?

If you’ve decided that you’ll remove the snow by hand with a snow shovel, you’ll still need some basic equipment, including the following:

  • A good quality snow shovel
  • A pick or other tool to break away ice
  • Thermal underwear and layers of clothing
  • Heavy socks and snow boots
  • Winter coat, hat and gloves (possibly a second pair of the latter)
  • Sunglasses and clear glasses – the prior for days you shovel when a bright sun is out and the latter when shoveling at night. In both cases, the glasses will help your vision if the wind is blowing the snow into your face.
  • Sodium chloride, Calcium chloride or another form of ‘road salt’ to melt ice after you’ve shoveled

If you’ve decided to purchase a snowblower, you’ll still need the equipment above, plus you’ll need gasoline (mixed if you buy a 2-stroke snowblower) and tools to maintain your snowblower. The snowblower can’t reach everywhere so you’ll still want to use the shovel, for instance, to remove the snow from the porch in front of your Elkhorn home.

With both of the choices above, you’ll need plenty of energy and the determination to withstand potentially bitter-cold elements while working.

If, on the other hand, you’ve opted to hire a reputable snow removal company to clear the snow from your Elkhorn driveway and walkways, you’ll still have some choices to make. Some of those choices may include:


  • Whether you’ll have your coffee black or with cream and sugar in the morning before getting in the car to go to work
  • Whether you’ll take time to eat breakfast before you leave
  • Whether you want to watch a football game uninterrupted, read a good book or go visit friends or family while your neighbors shovel their driveways and walkways
  • Whether to politely wave to the neighbors while they shovel or discreetly go about your business

If you choose to hire a snow removal company, assuming you hire a good one, a company with solid experience and good equipment, you’ll have to decide what to do with the time you would have spent shoveling snow. You’ll have to decide what to do with the space in the garage the snowblower would have filled.

If you’re looking for snow removal at your store or office, the choice is even easier. You don’t want to waste valuable time shoveling or risking a workman’s comp injury. A quality snow removal company will clear your parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, loading docks and access roads. And then they’ll properly apply salt.

Life is full of choices, and, for someone living in or around Elkhorn, hiring a quality snow removal company is probably one of the better choices you’ll make this winter.