Enjoy your curb appeal before you decide to sell: with the help of a landscape designer, you can turn your property into a private paradise

Why wait until you sell your home to enjoy that potential curb appeal?

Why wait until you sell your home to enjoy that potential curb appeal?

Guests are expected any time as you rush about trying to get everything ready. Tables are setup out back. Some are surrounded by chairs while others are ready for trays of food. All of them are carefully lined with tablecloths.

At one point, you find yourself standing in the middle of it all frantically trying to remember whatever it is you’ve forgotten. As you glance around the yard your eyes can’t help but fall on the random landscape beyond the tables. Of course, there’s no time to do anything about that now. You’re husband dutifully cut the grass but, as they say, it’s a little bit like putting lipstick on a … well, it doesn’t really hide the fact that your yard is just that – a yard, and nothing else. From front to back, it has no ‘curb appeal.’

Curb appeal is a big word among realtors. They know that, if someone is selling their home, positive curb appeal is essential to setting the stage for the rest of the home. If the curb appeal is strong enough, it can even sell the home if there are significant defects inside. In other words, prospective buyers can overlook a lot if the canvas (the home’s landscape) is sufficiently appealing.

If you are selling your home, curb appeal is an aspect of your home you can’t overlook. If you haven’t done anything to create curb appeal before you decide to sell, you might want to get busy doing something about that before the home is listed.

If you’re not selling your home, you may want your home to have positive curb appeal anyhow. Curb appeal will make your home something you can be proud of when people drive down the street outside. When unexpected guests drop by, even if there is a mess in the living room or kitchen, curb appeal can go a long way to reminding visitors that the mess inside is not indicative of a habitual condition; who would insist that the yard outside look that good while letting things inside go to blazes.

The problem with curb appeal is that you can’t wait until your guests are about to arrive to do something about it; you need to act ahead of time. Your best bet is to call in the pros – someone with the landscape design expertise to turn your property into a private paradise.

A landscape designer will get the most out of your yard – front and back. They’ll know what is possible, what will fit and what will fit your budget. Whatever you choose to do with your landscape, they’ll provide landscape design that maximizes your home’s curb appeal.

Whether that includes a brick paver patio, strategic planting of trees, the introduction of landscape lighting or any of the other abundant options, that’s your call. But, if you address the situation in time, the next time you have guests, your yard will be up to the occasion. Your home will have the curb appeal to sell and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy that curb appeal before you decide to sell.