Don't Miss Cal & Shan's Tree Sale – an Autumn Extravaganza

In the fall, auto dealerships have sales on new cars so they can make room for the latest models. It’s kind of the same thing with a tree nursery here in Northern Illinois. It’s a good time to buy a tree. Yes, most nurseries want to make room for new trees but it also happens that autumn is also one of the best times to plant a tree.

Many of the trees that aren’t sold by this time of year are growing a bit big. The bigger the tree the more expensive it is and the more expensive it is to plant. The good news is that the Cal & Shan’s Tree Sale you buy a tree from among our larger selection or one of our smaller trees. Our tree sale includes trees that are generally from 6- to 12-feet tall.

In the autumn, trees are dormant and the trees don’t feel the shock of a transplanting as severely. That also makes this an excellent time for a tree sale. If you buy a tree now, the tree will have a chance to settle into its new surroundings before it’s ready to do some serious growing the next spring and summer.

At Cal & Shan’s, we raise our trees with care from saplings. We nurture and trim our trees to ensure they grow straight and strong.

We offer a full range of trees, including:
• Colorado Spruce
• Norway Spruce
• Black Hills Spruce
• Serbian Spruce
• Douglas Fir
• Canaan Fir
• Concolor Fir
• White Pine
• Scotch Pine
• Techny Arborvitae
• Wintergreen Arborvitae
We even have shrubs and bushes for all your Northern Illinois landscaping needs. When the holiday season comes around, we also offer a wonderful selection of Christmas trees.

Prices vary based on size and type of tree. For more information, give Cal & Shan’s a call at: 815-509-1026.