Does your snow removal company have the right equipment?

BobcatDoes your snow removal company have the right equipment and experience for the job?Snow removal is more of a science than many realize. They’ll hire someone who mounted a snow blade to the front of the family pickup truck to make some extra cash. Then, they’ll discover their new snow removal company operates on its own clock, piles snow randomly and knocks curb stops onto the lawn. They discover they should have hired a reputable snow removal, the guy with the pickup truck can move the snow around. It takes experience and the proper equipment, however, to do the job right.

Experience goes a long way when comparing one snow removal company to another. The right equipment is equally important. The right snow removal equipment goes beyond a straight snow blade on the front of the truck. Hydraulics play a big part in setting one snow removal company from another.

With hydraulics, the driver can angle the blade to put the snow precisely where the driver intended. With that kind of control, the snow removal equipment is transformed from a simple apparatus for moving snow straight ahead to a fine-tuned piece of equipment used by a professional who knows what is needed and how to achieve that goal. They’ll maneuver the snow around obstacles and carefully place it in selected locations.

Hydraulics also provide options in terms of the size of the snow removal equipment. On the face of it, a snow plow is only as wide as legally allowed on the road. But, with hydraulics, the snow blade may have wings that fold in hydraulically. Now that wider snow blade can safely and legally go down the road from snow removal project to snow removal project.

A reputable snow removal company, with the right snow removal equipment, will give some thought to spreading road salt, too. Snow removal companies, such as Cal & Shan’s in Woodstock, will use environmentally friendly road salt. Virtually every one of their plows is backed by a salt spreading capability.

Cal & Shan’s has larger and smaller trucks for snow removal. They have a truck for any sized job though the real key is to have drivers with the experience to handle any snow removal job.