Can You Trust Your Snow Removal Company?

Does your snow removal company have the right equipment, drivers and ethics?
You look out the window in the morning only to discover that Mother Nature has dropped a knee-deep layer of snow outside. There’s no way you’ll shovel the driveway in time to get to the shop before it’s supposed to open. And when you get there, what about the snow in your parking lot? How will customers get in if they have nowhere to park?

blizzard2On snowy winter days, such as these, it’s comforting to know you have a contract with a reputable snow removal company. Then again, maybe you hired someone’s cousin who has a pickup truck and a snow plow. He’s hoping to make some extra money but really didn’t count on this. He’s suddenly discovered what you’re about to learn – a reputable snow removal company, with reputable drivers, can handle almost any snow emergency.

Snow removal companies, such as Cal & Shan’s in Woodstock and serving Northern Illinois, have provided superior snow removal services for more than 10 years. Their drivers all have at least 10 years of experience. They have state-of-the-art snow removal equipment that is up to the task.
It won’t take a qualified driver, with the proper snow removal equipment, long to clear a lot and/or driveway. That means you won’t find yourself waiting while they finish the job ahead of you – waiting until it’s too late.

It also means their snow removal equipment is properly maintained. You won’t find yourself calling in to find out what’s taking your snow removal company so long only to discover the plow broke down on the lot before yours. With a reputable snow removal company, even if they have a breakdown, they’re on the job fixing it immediately while another snow plow is taking over on your parking lot.

The right equipment, in the hands of a qualified and experienced driver, will ensure that they remove the snow from your pavement and only the snow. There’s no need to replace the curb stops later because the driver knocked them into the yard. You won’t discover, after the snow melts that the driver went up on the lawn and scraped away several yards of dormant grass.

A snow removal company with a bad work ethic won’t stick around for long. On the other hand, a company with a good ethos will last as its reputation grows and grows. When that snow removal company has the right reputation, equipment and drivers, they develop trust. More than merely doing a good job of clearing the snow off your parking lot and driveway, they relieve you of the worries that drive other people crazy as they wonder where their snow removal company is and whether they’ll stand behind the damage they’ve done.