Brick pavers patio is the optimal choice in Lake Geneva

It’s hard to imagine a better place to have a home than Lake Geneva in the summer. A cool breeze coming off the lake, fishing, boating, swimming and absolutely no need to chase the sun; it comes to you. But, are you really taking full advantage of your Lake Geneva home?


When you ask yourself what your Lake Geneva home really needs to help you make the most of your summer paradise, the answer is relatively simple – a patio. But, not just any patio: you want a patio that has class, that’s durable and made from materials that can fit your patio design dreams. You want a brick pavers patio.

When adding a brick pavers patio to your home, it’s almost like adding another room to the house, albeit an outdoor room. You want it to be solid, as solid as the foundation of your home, and there is no patio as rock solid as a brick pavers patio. Solid means durable and that means you’ll relax out back and enjoy your brick pavers patio for years to come.

The first question, after choosing a brick pavers patio, is design. You want a design that’s as durable and accommodating as the brick pavers the patio is built with. To ensure that you get the most out of you patio design, the best bet is to speak with a qualified landscape design engineer.

A landscape design engineer will ensure that your brick pavers patio fits with your home and property. They’ll take into account changes in topography and the features you want to include in your brick pavers patio. And, you’d be surprised just how many features there are for you to choose from.

Some of those options include:

  • Patterns – yes, patterns. The number of patterns you can choose with brick pavers is almost limitless. Consider that you can mix styles of brick pavers, colors of brick pavers and shapes. You can also assemble the brick pavers in ways that create patterns – even words.
  • Landscape lighting – a brick pavers patio without landscape lighting is like a room without a door. Landscape lighting extends the hours you can use your patio. It also sets the mood at night. You can also add electrical outlets so you can, for instance, play music outside while relaxing on your brick pavers patio.
  • Water features – what patio is complete without a pond or waterfall? 
  • The outdoor kitchen – whether you want a built in grill or a full-fledged kitchen, preparing food is no longer something you’ll do in solitary indoors while your friends relax outside.
  • Let there be fire – with a fireplace or firepit. An outdoor fireplace or firepit, built into your brick pavers patio, is a central location where everyone will gather. As with landscape lighting, it sets the mood while offering warmth so you can enjoy your brick pavers patio in the Spring and Fall.