Brick pavers – elements of transformation for Northern Illinois homeowners and businesses

As the snow finally melts, and this endless Midwest winter finally comes to an end, some will step into their backyards only to discover their shoes sinking into mud. Others, in Northern Illinois, will bring out the patio furniture and recline on their patio of brick pavers.

From afar, brick pavers are a luxury. Up close, they’re an affordable and transformative element with the potential to create a small piece of paradise in the otherwise drab world of Northern Illinois’ landscape.

Some folks have wood decks. That’s fine, for what it’s worth. But, they’re hardly as durable as brick pavers. And, a common fallacy is that wood is more versatile than brick pavers. In fact, there’s hardly anything you can do with wood you can’t do with brick pavers. In some instances, there are things you can do with brick pavers you can’t do with wood.

The versatility of brick pavers is amazing. Even with a level surface, a qualified landscape designer can create an almost limitless number of looks using different sizes, types and colors of brick pavers from the premier manufacturers of brick pavers – Paveloc and Unilock. The patterns that are possible with brick pavers is truly amazing. Those patterns can include pictures, words and/or simply aesthetically pleasing arrangements.

Now, take that versatility from a monolithic surface and change up the topography. Whether incorporating rolling swells or a truly multi-level brick pavers patio, the options available explode almost exponentially.

The key is to ensure that the design fits the location. This includes consideration of the homeowner’s or businesses intentions as well as the surrounding area. A qualified landscape design expert will survey the land adjacent to the site of the construction with brick pavers. The landscape design expert will also consider the structures on the property.

The options with brick pavers are not limited to patterns and levels, either. There are also amenities. Those amenities offer both aesthetic and utilitarian qualities to patios made of brick pavers. Those amenities include:

  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Outdoor grills and cooking surfaces
  • Water features, such as fountains, waterfalls, ponds, pools, whirlpools and spas
  • Brick paver retaining walls
  • Brick paver seating
  • Brick paver flower boxes

There are other options with brick pavers that can be built as extensions of a patio or as stand-alone features – such as driveways and walkways made with brick pavers. Outdoor lighting can further accent patios made with brick pavers and turn those areas into night-time oasis of comfort and entertainment. The constant is that, with brick pavers, any Northern Illinois landscape can undergo a dramatic transformation with adept landscape design and brick pavers installation.