A droplight and extension cord is a poor substitute for quality landscape lighting in Woodstock

Landscape lighting can really set the mood at your Woodstock home.

Landscape lighting can really set the mood at your Woodstock home.

Well, you could always run an extension cord out from the garage and hook it up to a droplight. Hang the droplight from a tree branch and, ‘Ta Da,’ you’ve got homemade landscape lighting in your Woodstock backyard. Now, just hope no one trips over the extension cord.

You’ve put all that effort into the landscaping at your Woodstock home. A brick paver patio, carefully picked and placed trees and shrubs, a flowering garden and a manicured lawn: it’s absolutely beautiful … in the daytime. At night, your landscape fades into the shadows. The crickets and lightning bugs don’t mind if you don’t have any landscape lighting. But, if you like to entertain after the sun goes down, a lack of landscape lighting is a serious bummer.

The point is that, if you’re going to put any serious effort into designing and implementing landscape improvements that are worthy of your time, you’ll want to include landscape lighting. Otherwise, your landscape improvements generally shutdown after the sun goes down. The value of that wonderful landscaping disappears when darkness sets in.

If you’ve used a qualified landscape designer, in the first place, you’ve certainly discussed landscape lighting already. Most likely, you’ve incorporated quality landscape lighting into the landscape design of your Woodstock home or office. Landscape designers know how much value landscape lighting adds to your landscaping.

Landscape designers aren’t just good for pointing out the benefits of landscape lighting; they’re also wonderful at designing landscape lighting that will complement the work you’re doing to your landscaping.

Landscape designers know how to strategically place landscape lighting so it does the most good. They’ll light areas where people need to see while they’re walking at night. Qualified landscape designers will also use landscape lighting to set a desired mood.

If you plan to play baseball in the backyard, you might not care if the landscape lighting is so bright that someone from NASA will notice your landscape lighting from a satellite image.

Let’s say that you like to cook after dark. You’ve built in a beautiful grill when adding the brick paver patio. If you don’t have sufficient lighting, will you know if the chicken is still blood-red inside before your guests are on their second or third piece? With a landscape designer at the helm, you’ll have just the right lighting at the grill.

You know how a dimmer switch can set a romantic mood for dinner indoors? You can do the same thing with landscape lighting outdoors. But, you’ll want to use the appropriate fixtures outdoors, too. You’ll want fixtures that project light in the intended direction.

Summer nights in Woodstock are generally very pleasant. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the evening air on your brick paver patio without sitting in the dark, or depending on a droplight and extension cord?