A brick paver driveway makes sense in Woodstock

A number of the streets in Woodstock were recently refinished. Boy, they sure look nice. And nice to drive on, too. Smooth is the word. The only drawback is that, by comparison, your driveway may not look to nice anymore.

When the streets of Woodstock were filled with potholes and cracks it was easy not to notice that your driveway was full of cracks and potholes, too. It would be the same thing if your neighbor put up new siding on their home; you’d suddenly realize that your house could use a paint job or some siding, too.

To rectify the problem, you could go out and hire a paving company to tear up your driveway and pour some asphalt. But, as long as you’re doing something about it, why not choose a solution with style; why not choose to have your Woodstock driveway replaced with brick pavers.

A brick paver driveway is a perfect fit here in Woodstock where The Woodstock Square is made of brick pavers. Brick pavers are durable and, aesthetically, they’re the pinnacle of style. Brick pavers have style where asphalt is the absence of style. That’s a difference that will probably show in its effect on the value of your home, too.

From time to time, a brick paver is known to crack. But, instead of tearing up the driveway and replacing the asphalt, you only have to replace a brick paver or two. In other words, a brick paver driveway can last you, not just years and years, but decades.

In terms of character, a brick paver driveway laid out in a straightforward pattern is rich in style. However, the potential with a brick paver driveway goes way beyond that. Why? Because you can create different patterns. You can use different types of brick pavers – different colors and shapes. The number of designs that are possible with brick pavers are limitless.

Replace your asphalt driveway with brick pavers and that neighbor, you know, the one who put new siding on the house, will suddenly realize that their money could have been much better spent.